It’s always fun, and somewhat unnerving, to share tales of ghoulish creatures. While many legends differ, accounts of ghostly women in white pop up in cultures from around the world. Some are passive spirits just trying to go about their business, while others are vicious souls, seeking vengeance on the humans around them. Let’s walk through some of the most renowned women in white, and their chilling stories.

Watch out for these violent haunters

Bloody Mary is a popular phantom that many kids are tempted to summon. While her origin has never been determined, it’s said that if you say her name three times in front of a mirror she’ll appear in her vivid white gown and blood-stained face.


The Malaysian kuntilanak is another scary spook. This ghost hides in the trees or lurks in swamps, looking for victims so she can avenge her unborn child. She appears at first as a beautiful lady in white to seduce men who cross her path. Then, she attacks! Her hands morph into claws so she can tear into her target, searching for the baby she never had. Eek!

Some spirits are (mostly) harmless

Other ladies in white just want to do some good in the afterlife. The Witte Wieven in Dutch culture wander the land in groups, trying to stay hidden in the fog of the grassy hills.

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If you treat them with respect, they’ll offer you assistance if you’re in need. But, if you are mean to them they’ll lead you into the wild woods, never to be seen again.

Beware all women in white… just to be safe

Some women in white like the Silk Lady of Louisiana are just trying to find their way home after an untimely death. Other “white ladies” are known for deadly shenanigans, like the one who haunts Balete Drive in the Philippines, jumping into taxis and terrifying motorists causing fatal crashes.


So, if you ever encounter one of these ethereal specters, stay on the safe side, slowly turn around, and run!