Stumbling across an entire city underground sounds like something out of a fairytale, or possibly a nightmare. Simply insert some goblins or other creepy creatures here. But, underground cities are not totally a myth. If you take a trip to Poland you can visit one firsthand, and what it’s made out of makes the trip well worth it.

Poland is the place for an underground adventure

A visit to southern Poland is not complete without taking a walk around Wieliczka Salt Mine. But this is no ordinary salt mine. It is literally a city carved out of salt rock— underground.

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This underground marvel is nothing new. It has literally been a popular attraction since the 13th century. It was a main source of salt during the Renaissance, and it is over 178 miles long. Although only two miles are open for visitors to explore, there is more than enough to see.

This place is out of this world

Filled with a ton of artwork and intricate carvings, Wieliczka Salt Mine also features a grotto and a lake.

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It even contains a chapel. What more could you possibly ask for, realistically? Fancy carvings? This locale checks that off the list too, naturally. Pun intended.

There is no skimping on the details

It may be more than 1,000 feet below ground, but the hand-carved walls and sculptures within this salt mine are mind-blowing. Some of the carvings were started by the initial miners centuries ago.

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Giant chandeliers made of salt crystal were even placed within the mine during the 19th century, making this the classiest place underground by far. There is even a health resort where you can stay overnight—to really benefit from the effects of the air within this salty cavern. You know, if you’re really looking to splurge on your next girl’s night out. It’s just a super-long plane ride away.