The most famous cow who ever lived, Ubre Blanca or White Udder was Fidel Castro’s pet project during the 1980s. She was highly regarded in Cuba that people see her as a national symbol, giving pride to her countrymen for her productive and record-breaking milk production.

Her one-of-a-kind accomplishment was even recorded in the Guinness World of Record as the only cow to hit 241 lbs of milk production in a single day. She died as a hero and a life-sized statue stands in Nuevo Gerona to commemorate her contribution to the Cuban people.

Milk production that went way beyond the normal

Ubre Blanca did a world record in January 1982 by producing an astounding 109.5 liters of milk, which is four times the average production of a normal cow. She was able to produce 24,268.9 liters in a single lactation period that extended for 305 days. This has been recorded by the Guinness World Records and stands today undefeated.

Fidel Castro’s pet cow was a cross breed between a Zebu and a Holstein bull. Her large size compensated for the amount of milk she was able to produce in a single day. During her death, the whole country of Cuba mourned and she was given full military honors. Musicians all over the country mourned for her by creating songs to celebrate her life. A full-page obituary was published in every newspaper and poets wrote deeply moving eulogies for Fidel Castro’s pet project.

A propaganda project that was doomed from the start

Fidel Castro loved milk so much that the CIA once tried to poison him by slipping botulinum toxin into his milkshake. After becoming Cuba’s leader, Castro was deeply propelled to create a ‘supercow’ that would be used to boost the countries dairy industry.

Ubre Blanca was the only successful product of insemination using the local Zebu bovine specie and the highly expensive Holstein cow.  His breeding program only became successful through Ubre Blanca who was meticulously cared for.

But because of pressure brought about by expectations of many, by her third pregnancy, her tumors have proliferated and she died after her third pregnancy. Ubre Blanca’s milk productivity was not matched by her offsprings and Fidel Castro was forced to abandon the ‘supercow’ breeding program.