While working at a site containing a previously-discovered pyramid in the Egyptian desert, archaeologists from the Czech Institute of Egyptology made a fantastic discovery. Beneath the pyramid was the tomb complex of Kaires, the most powerful priest of Egypt in his time and a close friend to the Pharoah.

Finding the complex in the Abusir Pyramid Archaeology Field

The Czech Insitute of Egyptology was granted a portion near what is known by archaeologists as the Abusir Pyramid Archaeology Field, located near Cairo. This area was already known to contain many finds of historical significance.

However, the finding of the Tomb of Kaires may give egyptologists a much greater understanding of the Old Kingdom era of Pharaonic Egypt. Knowledge of the life of Kaires could lead to many fascinating insights.

‘The Pharaoh’s sole friend’

Kaires was a significant figure in Egyptian history and an interesting person. He held several titles throughout his life including ‘the Pharaoh’s sole friend’, ‘keeper of the secret of the Morning House’, ‘foremost of the House of Life’, and ‘custodian of the two thrones’.

During his life, Kaires had almost unheard of access to the ruler of Egypt and a great deal of influence on his decisions. He administered the king’s building projects, managed the day to day dealings in the royal palace and did a great deal more.

Kaires’ tomb complex

According to a statement made by the Czech Insitute of Egyptology, the Tomb Complex of Kaires is quite large, covering an area of some 500 square meters. It is located within an area of the Abusir site known to be reserved for the burial of the royal family and Egyptian elite.

The complex contains the tomb itself and several other rooms of various use. Among the most interesting finds so far are a partially-preserved statue of Kaires, complete with an inscription listing many of his titles, and a limestone coffin.