Finding the remnants of our long-ago ancestors is always fascinating. These skeletons can tell us a lot about a time period, and even about an individual person. This includes their clothing style, though many skeletons’ clothes are often extremely tattered from their time spent in the ground. Wild, right?

London fossils causing quite the stir

One skeleton found in London made global headlines — all because it was found wearing nothing but its boots. Archaeologists discovered the skeleton in the River Thames, lying face down in the mud. And no, he wasn’t buried in the nude.

This 500-year-old skeleton was buried while wearing his thigh-high leather boots. The kicker? He was uncovered with them still intact. Someone, please tell us the brand — because these have seen some wear and tear.

Ancient footwear still holds up

Archaeologists were able to determine these boots were from the 15th or 16th century. And although these boots may be used predominantly for a fashion statement, this man wasn’t as frivolous about his footwear.

In fact, he most likely wore these impressive boots because he worked along the river. His job was far from easy. And it wasn’t for the faint of heart.

A specific occupation

This man was likely a fisherman, meaning that he spent long days along the river. There is also a possibility he was also a mudlark, which was a person who searched through the mud for valuables. The river was cold, thick, and muddy. Not somewhere you’d want to spend all day in, and certainly not a place to wear shoddy footwear.

“With the booted man, examining his teeth has given clues about his childhood and marks on his skeleton have allowed us to proffer ideas about the aches and pains he may have suffered from on a daily basis, the toll his job took on his body and even a little about what he might have looked like,” revealed Niamh Carty, a human osteologist at MOLA. However tough the man’s life was, his boots were tougher. That’s a fact.