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Explaining northern Italy’s conscription age

April 6, 1917: U.S. officially enters WWI by declaring war on Germany

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Successes and failures of the Vietnam War

Meet Jeanne Calment, the woman who lived to be 122 years old

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Explaining northern Italy’s conscription age

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May 17, 1954: Brown vs. Board Of Education reaches verdict

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon may not have been so Babylonian after all

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The 10 richest presidents in U.S. history

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Andrew Lloyd Webber is richest musician in the world

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Annulled, beheaded, survived: Get to know the wives of King Henry VIII

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The fascinating history of optical illusions

Powerful historical photos that will absolutely take your breath away

The story of migration at Ellis Island

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The crazy childless woman who created Mother’s Day

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Historical figures who had bizarre animals as pets

The tragedies that forged the 27 Club

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Nike: a brief history of the Swoosh

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Heartwarming war photos guaranteed to make you smile

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