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February 19, 1847: Rescuers reach the Donner Party

Canadian First Lady fends off robbers with a loon sculpture

That time a horse was made Senator of the Roman Empire

In 1932, Australian farmers went to war against emus

One tough man walked through life with a knife for a hand

How cigarette companies turned doctors into their biggest advocates

What the declassified FBI files on Ernest Hemingway say

What it was like to “relieve yourself” in medieval times

The Australian army went up against 20,000 emus in the Great Emu War and lost

As it turns out, Mary and her lamb from the song were real

The history of daylight savings time — and perhaps some reasons to get rid of it

Long-lost sealed sarcophagus recovered in Egypt

A slave rebellion led to the Louisiana Purchase?

Was Amelia Earhart’s plane found off the coast of Papua New Guinea?

17 souls Winston Churchill crushed with the perfect comeback

US 02.18.19

Shays’ Rebellion: Distress in post-revolutionary America


Investigation confirms thrift store find as an authentic piece of American history

Technology 02.17.19

George Washington Carver: More than just ‘the peanut man’

February 17, 2008: Kosovo declares independence from Serbia

US 02.16.19

Desmond Doss: conscientious objector and decorated army medic

February 16, 1923: Howard Carter opens King Tut’s tomb

The legend of the Wendigo

General 02.14.19

How Freddy Mercury became a queer icon and hero to the LGBT+ community

February 14, 269 AD: Saint Valentine is martyred, inspiring Valentine’s Day

World 02.13.19

Everything you really need to know about the Renaissance

The 6 most credible UFO encounters in history

Last WWII prisoner of war found hidden away and forgotten in Russian mental institution

General 02.12.19

John Wayne’s ‘The Alamo’ was plagued with problems, including murder

Check out the recipes of a Japanese 17th-Century ‘Barbarian’ cookbook

Katanas: As amazing as the legends tell?

General 02.08.19

Secret lovers, changed identities, and exotic pets: Juicy secrets about American presidents we’ve long forgotten


How 12 American presidents rank meeting Queen Elizabeth II

General 02.07.19

Think you know Abraham Lincoln? New photos reveal the man behind the legend

What was the Magna Carta and why is it still important today?


What is Federalism and how does it affect a government’s set-up?

World 02.06.19

Festivals and celebrations that turned into total disasters

Lunar New Year celebrations worldwide mark the Spring Festival

Who murdered Mrs. Stanford? Exploring the University founder’s infamous unsolved death

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