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February 11, 1943: Eisenhower promoted to four-star General of the US Army

World War II veteran returns to Germany to solve a mystery that’s been haunting him for 70 years

Did the Dutch really forget they were at war with Scilly for 335 years?

The soul-crushing story behind the final official casualty of WWI

Joan of Arc was BFFs with a mass murderer

December 7, 1941: Attack on Pearl Harbor

How the movie “Troy” doesn’t even come close to history’s real events

Two countries are fighting over an island with bottles of booze

Mexican Americans turned on each other during the Civil War

There is nothing remotely mortal about this incredible, unkillable soldier from Detroit

Germany’s grim WWII aftermath

The world’s first submarine was a total garbage fire of a creation, and yes, of course they still used it

Churchill’s allies almost blew him away, and that’s not just an expression

There’s no doubt about it: the Civil War was about slavery

October 12, 1945: Desmond Doss, pacifist superhero, receives the Medal of Honor

September 30, 1939: The end of the Cold War’s Berlin Airlift

Here’s what happened to Robert E. Lee after the Civil War

In 1939, England wiped out nearly 500,000 pets — and yeah, it’s as screwed up as it sounds

If you think the current government is a nightmare, you haven’t seen the 1968 Democratic Convention

September 2, 1789: The US Department of the Treasury is created

How chickens lost a battle for Ancient Rome

The battles of World War I made their way to one small US city

How one war brought the first pair of pants into the limelight

The nastiest war in the modern era took place in a country you wouldn’t expect

The downfall of Constantinople stemmed from one careless mistake

Keep out! 30 places your grandparents visited that you no longer can

Was Amelia Earhart’s plane found off the coast of Papua New Guinea?

World 02.18.19

17 souls Winston Churchill crushed with the perfect comeback


Shays’ Rebellion: Distress in post-revolutionary America


Investigation confirms thrift store find as an authentic piece of American history

Technology 02.17.19

George Washington Carver: More than just ‘the peanut man’

February 17, 2008: Kosovo declares independence from Serbia

US 02.16.19

Desmond Doss: conscientious objector and decorated army medic

February 16, 1923: Howard Carter opens King Tut’s tomb

The legend of the Wendigo

General 02.14.19

How Freddy Mercury became a queer icon and hero to the LGBT+ community

February 14, 269 AD: Saint Valentine is martyred, inspiring Valentine’s Day

World 02.13.19

Everything you really need to know about the Renaissance

The 6 most credible UFO encounters in history

Last WWII prisoner of war found hidden away and forgotten in Russian mental institution

General 02.12.19

John Wayne’s ‘The Alamo’ was plagued with problems, including murder

Check out the recipes of a Japanese 17th-Century ‘Barbarian’ cookbook

Katanas: As amazing as the legends tell?

General 02.08.19

Secret lovers, changed identities, and exotic pets: Juicy secrets about American presidents we’ve long forgotten


How 12 American presidents rank meeting Queen Elizabeth II

General 02.07.19

Think you know Abraham Lincoln? New photos reveal the man behind the legend

What was the Magna Carta and why is it still important today?


What is Federalism and how does it affect a government’s set-up?

World 02.06.19

Festivals and celebrations that turned into total disasters

Lunar New Year celebrations worldwide mark the Spring Festival

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