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December 7, 1941: Attack on Pearl Harbor

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WWII’s aftermath was grim for German citizens

The world’s first submarine was a total garbage fire of a creation, and yes, of course they still used it

Churchill’s allies almost blew him away, and that’s not just an expression

There’s no doubt about it: the Civil War was about slavery

October 12, 1945: Desmond Doss, pacifist superhero, receives the Medal of Honor

September 30, 1939: The end of the Cold War’s Berlin Airlift

Here’s what happened to Robert E. Lee after the Civil War

In 1939, England wiped out nearly 500,000 pets — and yeah, it’s as screwed up as it sounds

If you think the current government is a nightmare, you haven’t seen the 1968 Democratic Convention

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One Civil War scuffle involved stolen hats

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