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August 18, 1920: Women gain the right to vote in the US

July 7, 1930: Construction begins on the Hoover Dam

Heroic war stories that earned these unknown veterans the Medal of Honor

April 11, 2015: Barack Obama and Raúl Castro meet in Panama

April 9, 1865: General Robert E. Lee surrenders at Appomattox

March 30, 1822: The Florida Territory is created

March 11, 1861: The Constitution of the Confederate States of America is adopted

February 23, 1903: Cuba signs a lease to the US for Guantánamo Bay

February 19, 1847: Rescuers reach the Donner Party

February 11, 1943: Eisenhower promoted to four-star General of the US Army

January 25, 1881: Alexander Graham Bell forms Oriental Telephone Company with Thomas Edison

John Hancock: The man who financed the American Revolution

World War II veteran returns to Germany to solve a mystery that’s been haunting him for 70 years

December 4th, 1881: The first edition of LA Times is published

November 2,1889: The Dakotas are admitted as the 39th and 40th states

You need to hear about the former slave who became a legendary mail carrier in the Old West

106-year-old Union soldier honored as last surviving Civil War combatant

How the Ho-Chunk Nation not only survived the odds but made a comeback

Hidden Room Of Thomas Jefferson’s Mansion Solves 200 Year Old Mystery

Finding her voice: Why Eleanor Roosevelt is our favorite wallflower

Amelia Earhart? Try Jerrie Mock: The first woman to successfully fly around the world

Intersex individuals throughout history

The secret horror house of Madame LaLaurie

World 08.19.19

The longest and shortest marriages in Hollywood

Dodgers Stadium was once home to the lost barrio of Chavez Ravine

Mysteries of the Terracotta Warriors

General 08.15.19

Revisiting Woodstock with those who went, 50 years later

General 08.14.19

John Dillinger’s body to be exhumed after 85 years

World 08.12.19

Puerto Rico’s purgatory as an unequal part of the US

30 surprising facts about ‘M*A*S*H’

Today in history 08.09.19

August 9, 1974: Gerald Ford succeeds Nixon as president

General 08.06.19

A history of the US deporting its own citizens

How Rocky and Rambo brought down the Soviet Union

How Josef Mengele became a wanted man

World 08.05.19

Fun facts you never knew about the UK’s Queen Victoria

US 08.04.19

California governor apologizes to Native Americans

The last days of Edward Teach, AKA Blackbeard

Inside Andersonville: The Civil War’s most cold-blooded prison

World 08.02.19

The dark secrets and somber fates of ‘The Little Rascals’

Everything you need to know about France’s famous Arc de Triomphe

General 08.01.19

From The battlefield to the boulevard: A brief history of the white picket fence

Catherine de Medici: The fascinating and troubled life of France’s deadly ‘Queen Mother’

US 07.31.19

The influence of the Jazz Age on the ‘Great Gatsby’

General 07.30.19

The first presidential debate featured two women, and it happened in 1956

A comprehensive guide to all the cool Norse gods

US 07.29.19

Gilligan’s Island: A fateful trip behind-the-scenes

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