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February 1, 1861: Texas secedes from the United States

How the Kansas-Nebraska Act led to John Brown’s infamous raid on Harpers Ferry

January 1, 1788: Quakers in PA emancipate their slaves

So, Christopher Columbus isn’t as great as elementary school makes him out to be

Discovery of secret room on plantation reignites the Jefferson–Hemings controversy

There’s no doubt about it: the Civil War was about slavery

October 18, 1775: Phillis Wheatley is freed from slavery

Historians find more proof that early slave voyages were (unsurprisingly) brutal

The slave-turned-double agent that served in the American Revolution

The role of slaves in shaping American culinary traditions

A slave rebellion led to the Louisiana Purchase?

The man who really started the Civil War

The Confederate Constitution was basically plagiarized

This furious woman’s roars of resistance ended Canadian slavery

The First Legally Recognized Slaveholder in American History was a Black Man

The legend of the Wendigo

February 15, 1910: Irena Sendler is born

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How Freddy Mercury became a queer icon and hero to the LGBT+ community

February 14, 269 AD: Saint Valentine is martyred, inspiring Valentine’s Day

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Everything you really need to know about the Renaissance

The 6 most credible UFO encounters in history

February 13, 1917: Mata Hari gets arrested in Paris

Last WWII prisoner of war found hidden away and forgotten in Russian mental institution

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John Wayne’s ‘The Alamo’ was plagued with problems, including murder

Check out the recipes of a Japanese 17th-Century ‘Barbarian’ cookbook

Katanas: As amazing as the legends tell?

February 12, 1947: Christian Dior reveals the “New Look”

History Today 02.11.19

February 11, 1943: Eisenhower promoted to four-star General of the US Army

History Today 02.10.19

February 10, 1940: ‘Tom And Jerry’ Debuts

History Today 02.09.19

February 9, 1943: Daylight Savings Time returns to the United States

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Secret lovers, changed identities, and exotic pets: Juicy secrets about American presidents we’ve long forgotten


How 12 American presidents rank meeting Queen Elizabeth II

February 8, 1952: Elizabeth II proclaimed official Queen of England

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Think you know Abraham Lincoln? New photos reveal the man behind the legend

What was the Magna Carta and why is it still important today?


What is Federalism and how does it affect a government’s set-up?

February 7, 1812: Lord Byron makes debut at House of Lords

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Festivals and celebrations that turned into total disasters

Lunar New Year celebrations worldwide mark the Spring Festival

February 6, 1788: Massachusetts signs the United States Constitution

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