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March 13, 1761: William Herschel discovers Uranus

February 26, 1616: Galileo is banned from the Catholic Church

January 12, 1998: Nineteen European countries jointly ban human cloning

January 11, 1922: Insulin used to treat diabetes patient for first time

Katherine Johnson was a hidden genius

King James IV’s love of language led to a shocking experiment

This 1950s science kit for kids came with real uranium

Amazingly accurate pregnancy test told ancient Egyptians they were a new mummy

November 28, 1964: NASA launches Mariner 4 to Mars

November 24, 1859: Charles Darwin publishes On the Origin of Species

‘Gate To Hell’ takes its own animal sacrifices and scientists tell us why

Meet the woman who worked for free to win the Nobel Prize in Physics

November 8th, 1895: Wilhelm Röntgen discovers x-rays

After 32 years, Chernobyl is still as deadly as ever

Mysterious battery dated from 1840 still continues to baffle

September 26, 1905: Einstein publishes his first paper on relativity

According to this newspaper from 106 years ago, humans prefer to just ignore impending doom

You asked, we’ll answer: Marie Curie named most influential woman of all time

How Florence Sabin transformed medicine and made headway for women scientists

Modern Shakespeare: Tupac the legend, unmasked

220-year-old time capsule found inside Boston State House

General 03.14.19

Hindsight’s 20/20: 11 people who could’ve prevented WWII

Kristallnacht horrified America, but they did nothing about it

Winged Polish cavalrymen were a force to be reckoned with

When a bucket managed to spark a major battle

Why the Parental Advisory Label saved music in the 80s

Ancient 03.13.19

Viking raids and marine exploration were all made possible because of tar

Russian men were once taxed for having beards

The gruesome true story of the noblewoman serial killer

Ancient 03.12.19

Beer is older than we thought


The notorious Benedict Arnold became a U.S. traitor for a pretty selfish reason


For a short period of time in the 1700s, New Jersey women had the right to vote

General 03.11.19

You’ve never seen “Little House on the Prairie” like this

Meet Eston Hemings, Thomas Jefferson’s ‘forgotten’ son

Nostradamus predicted history’s biggest events — and why we can’t ignore what he foretold about our future

General 03.10.19

The most killer quotes from history’s first empowered first lady, Eleanor Roosevelt

Ancient 03.09.19

The history of the Amish and why they still rock horse and buggies

World 03.01.19

Photos found 30 years later! The doomed hot-air balloon North Pole expedition

15 lost treasures around the world

General 02.27.19

A closer look at the private life of notorious drug kingpin, Pablo Escobar

Technology 02.26.19

Bodacious! 25 of the best ’80s TV shows

US 02.25.19

They investigated who?! 15 influential people you didn’t know have an FBI file

World 02.19.19

Keep out! 30 places your grandparents visited that you no longer can

Was Amelia Earhart’s plane found off the coast of Papua New Guinea?

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