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15 mystifying structures across the globe

Why egg-droppin’ bunnies and the resurrection of Christ are linked

World 04.21.19

How Erik the Red responded to banishment by founding a new country

Ancient 04.16.19

Rare 2,600-year-old agate seal and clay stamp found bearing Biblical names


Why public perception of George W. Bush’s presidency is shifting


Why the first woman to swim the English Channel deserves our respect

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Inside the lives of King Henry VIII’s wives and children

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You’ll gasp at these hidden secrets built into medieval castles

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The mystery of the “Hatbox Baby” is solved, decades later

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Bruce Lee’s son has a life story more epic and twisted than any action film

Ancient 04.10.19

Ancient fast food: Archaeologists find 2,000-year-old “snack shack” in Pompeii

How tall was Napoleon Bonaparte compared to average height?

One Civil War scuffle involved stolen hats

The little-known reason Bruce Lee was rejected by the military

Why did the French hate Queen Catherine de Medici?

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The incredible, disturbing true story of Nicholas Barclay and his masterful imposter

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Revolutionary War hero Private Deborah Samson disguised herself to fight

These cities have had unbelievable transformations


Vintage photos that will bring you back to the Summer of Love

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These three famous artists transformed the artworld in monumental ways

US 04.06.19

April 6, 1917: U.S. officially enters WWI by declaring war on Germany

World 04.05.19

15 iconic moments in music history

US 04.03.19

April 3, 1948: U.S. President Harry Truman signs Marshall Plan to rebuild Europe

Little-known facts about Queen Victoria

Ancient 04.02.19

You Won’t Believe What These Historical Figures Actually Looked Like

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