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May 19, 1965: Pete Townshend spends 20th birthday writing “My Generation”

Andrew Lloyd Webber is richest musician in the world

May 11, 1981: Bob Marley dies at the age of 36

May 4, 1956: Gene Vincent and his Blue Caps record “Be-Bop-A-Lula”

April 20, 1939: Billie Holiday records iconic protest song “Strange Fruit”

April 8, 1781: Mozart’s Violin Sonata No. 27 premiers

15 iconic moments in music history

Why the Parental Advisory Label saved music in the 80s

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10 bands that turned down Woodstock ’69

January 13, 1968: Johnny Cash delivers famous performance inside Folsom State Prison

Famous UK folk singer who had gone missing resurfaces 30 years later

December 27, 1932: Radio City Music Hall opens in NYC

December 24, 1818: First performance of ‘Silent Night’ in German church

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The king of Queen: Freddie Mercury’s inspiring, tragic life

November 11, 1969: The Doors frontman Jim Morrison is arrested by the FBI

October 8, 1971: John Lennon’s : “Imagine” brought the world together

From Bohemian Rhapsody to Born in the USA: The story behind your favorite songs

September 9th 1956: Elvis Presley appears on The Ed Sullivan Show

One man brings ancient Greek music to life and the end result is amazingly avant garde

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May 17, 1954: Brown vs. Board Of Education reaches verdict

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon may not have been so Babylonian after all

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The 10 richest presidents in U.S. history

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Andrew Lloyd Webber is richest musician in the world

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Annulled, beheaded, survived: Get to know the wives of King Henry VIII

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The fascinating history of optical illusions

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Nike: a brief history of the Swoosh

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Heartwarming war photos guaranteed to make you smile

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