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The incredible, disturbing true story of Nicholas Barclay and his masterful imposter

The notorious Benedict Arnold became a U.S. traitor for a pretty selfish reason

A closer look at the private life of notorious drug kingpin, Pablo Escobar

February 26, 1616: Galileo is banned from the Catholic Church

January 12, 1998: Nineteen European countries jointly ban human cloning

Marie Antoinette probably didn’t say “let them eat cake”

Think the Kardashians are bad? Get a load of ‘poor little rich girl’ Barbara Hutton

This 1950s science kit for kids came with real uranium

The world’s first submarine was a total garbage fire of a creation, and yes, of course they still used it

This historical figure’s legacy? When you gotta go, don’t hold it. Unless you want to die.

How a war popularized Kraft mac n’ cheese

This light-skinned black actress refused to reject her culture for Hollywood’s perks, and she became an icon

Benito Mussolini’s horrifying death was a massive dose of payback from his pissed off citizens

September 20, 1893: The first American gas-powered car goes for a test drive

September 18, 1851: The New York Times is born

September 17, 1630: Boston, Massachusetts is finally founded

How gambling, drinking, and laziness led to the creation of the sandwich

September 15, 1835: Charles Darwin finally reaches the Galapagos Islands

September 8th,1892: The Pledge of Allegiance is born — but not for the reason you think

September 5, 1977: The Voyager 1 spacecraft is launched

September 2, 1789: The US Department of the Treasury is created

August 30, 1967: The first African American Supreme Court justice confirmed

August 27th, 1955: Weirdos, rejoice! The Guinness Book of World Records is first published

Why egg-droppin’ bunnies and the resurrection of Christ are linked

Rare 2,600-year-old agate seal and clay stamp found bearing Biblical names

US 04.16.19

Why public perception of George W. Bush’s presidency is shifting


Why the first woman to swim the English Channel deserves our respect

Ancient 04.14.19

Inside the lives of King Henry VIII’s wives and children

World 04.13.19

You’ll gasp at these hidden secrets built into medieval castles

US 04.12.19

The mystery of the “Hatbox Baby” is solved, decades later

General 04.11.19

Bruce Lee’s son has a life story more epic and twisted than any action film

Ancient 04.10.19

Ancient fast food: Archaeologists find 2,000-year-old “snack shack” in Pompeii

How tall was Napoleon Bonaparte compared to average height?

One Civil War scuffle involved stolen hats

The little-known reason Bruce Lee was rejected by the military

Why did the French hate Queen Catherine de Medici?

General 04.09.19

The incredible, disturbing true story of Nicholas Barclay and his masterful imposter

US 04.08.19

Revolutionary War hero Private Deborah Samson disguised herself to fight

These cities have had unbelievable transformations


Vintage photos that will bring you back to the Summer of Love

General 04.07.19

These three famous artists transformed the artworld in monumental ways

US 04.06.19

April 6, 1917: U.S. officially enters WWI by declaring war on Germany

World 04.05.19

15 iconic moments in music history

US 04.03.19

April 3, 1948: U.S. President Harry Truman signs Marshall Plan to rebuild Europe

Little-known facts about Queen Victoria

Ancient 04.02.19

You Won’t Believe What These Historical Figures Actually Looked Like

Victorians just want to have fun

Ancient 04.01.19

These boots were made for walking: Medieval skeleton found with footwear unscathed

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