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Bling isn’t all Tiffany’s has to offer — Its got some rock solid history

January 27, 1302: Dante is exiled from Florence

Princess Diana was no ordinary princess

January 10, 1776: Thomas Paine publishes ‘Common Sense’

December 28th 1832: John Calhoun resigns as Vice President

This lost city was the Vegas of Ancient Rome

December 27, 1932: Radio City Music Hall Opens in NYC

Think the Kardashians are interesting? Get a load of ‘poor little rich girl’ Barbara Hutton

December 16, 1485: Catherine of Aragon is born

The Titanic II may never set sail

A literal riot broke out over the first top hat ever worn, and the reasons why are absolutely ridiculous

Joan of Arc was BFFs with a mass murderer

The world’s oldest use of the word ‘Jerusalem’ now on display

December 7, 1941: Attack on Pearl Harbor

December 5, 1933: Prohibition ends

December 3, 1818: Illinois becomes the 21st state

How Portugal’s first serial killer wound up with his head in a jar

Amazingly accurate pregnancy test told ancient Egyptians they were a new mummy

How the movie “Troy” doesn’t even come close to history’s real events

“Would you be my neighbor?” How Mr. Rogers’s show helped a generation of children

November 24, 1859: Charles Darwin publishes On the Origin of Species

Two countries are fighting over an island with bottles of booze

Only Australians under 40 speak this new language

This rusty coin prevented an impromptu shave— its current worth will surprise you

November 5th, 1940: FDR is elected for a third term

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