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This incredible Japanese politician rescued thousands of Jews from Nazi-occupied Europe

June 12, 1987: Reagan commands Gorbachev to ‘tear down’ the Berlin Wall

May 28, 1937: Volkswagen is established

April 6, 1917: U.S. officially enters WWI by declaring war on Germany

February 13, 1917: Mata Hari gets arrested in Paris

World War II veteran returns to Germany to solve a mystery that’s been haunting him for 70 years

December 24, 1818: First performance of ‘Silent Night’ in German church

WWII’s aftermath was grim for German citizens

October 17, 1993: Albert Einstein makes his move to America permanently

September 30, 1939: The end of the Cold War’s Berlin Airlift

September 21, 1950: George Marshall becomes the secretary of defense

Hitler turned a tasty chocolate bar into a way to kill Churchill

Wildfire uncovers somber WWII historical site in Ireland

Meet the WWII paratrooper that went Rambo on a bunch of Nazis

The bizarre evolution of the Illuminati

The mad monk Rasputin and the Romanovs: 100 years later

History’s greatest rescues

The worst military leaders since Napoleon

Breathtaking colored photos from WWII

Things you didn’t know about Queen Elizabeth II

5 interesting facts about Eltz Castle you probably didn’t know

Discover the ancient city of Tenochtitlán

How the Battle of Waterloo ruined the reputation of Napoleon Bonaparte

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‘Little House on the Prairie’ behind-the-scenes facts that’ll change how you see the show

Robert Wadlow: the tallest man in history

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Robert the Doll’s haunting tale makes Chucky seem like an actual toy

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The two Battles of Saratoga were the stunning turning points of the Revolutionary War

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Everything you need to know about First Lady Abigail Adams

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The fascinating development of the famous Rorschach inkblot test

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The incredible true story behind ‘The Great Escape’ is far more epic than the film

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You won’t believe these 29 celebrities served in the military

Did you know that monks are responsible for creating pretzels?

People have been getting stoned for 2,500 years, according to new discovery

US 07.11.19

July 11, 1804: Alexander Hamilton lost his life in a duel against life-long rival, Aaron Burr

Lewis Carroll’s exposure to Victorian asylums inspired the beloved Mad Hatter

The sizzling story of the Rat Pack, Marilyn Monroe, and the president of the United States

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30 powerful photos from the Vietnam War era

How ‘Roots’ became an iconic drama miniseries

Here’s why the existence of early humans in Malta was covered up

Lawyers, guns, and money: The CIA’s complicated history in Latin America

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July 8, 1951: Paris celebrates its 2,000th birthday

Ancient Babylonian dialect makes a major comeback in a movie

An ancient Israeli ring may have been worn by the official who executed Jesus

General 07.06.19

This incredible Japanese politician rescued thousands of Jews from Nazi-occupied Europe

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Yamato was the most stunning battleship ever built and it met a humiliating fate

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How the pinball machine became a worldwide sensation

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