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You won’t believe what these historical figures sounded like

Operation Paperclip and the rocket race

The great ‘Egg War’ of California

Guinness beer started Guinness World Records? Brilliant!

Born from the ashes: Seattle, a city built atop itself

Jordan Anderson’s dark-humored case for reparations

Intersex individuals throughout history

Dodger Stadium was once home to a lost barrio

John Dillinger’s body to be exhumed after 85 years

A history of the US deporting its own citizens

How Rocky and Rambo brought down the Soviet Union

California governor apologizes to Native Americans

From The battlefield to the boulevard: A brief history of the white picket fence

The first presidential debate featured two women, and it happened in 1956

YouTube’s ‘hate speech’ sterilization results in history being deleted

The sizzling story of the Rat Pack, Marilyn Monroe, and the president

Lawyers, guns, and money: The CIA’s complicated history in Latin America

How LGBTQ+ culture flourished during the ‘Roaring Twenties’

What did it mean to be a ‘good housewife’ in the 1950s?

How 800 women helped birth a nation: The ‘Filles du roi’

Underwater espionage: The surprising history of marine mammals and military service

Alabama aims to challenge historical Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision

New species of hominid found in Philippine cave

What if D-Day failed? The speech Eisenhower never had to give

Ruby Bridges: The child symbol of the civil rights movement

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You won’t believe what these historical figures sounded like

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Operation Paperclip and the rocket race

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The great ‘Egg War’ of California

Guinness beer started Guinness World Records? Brilliant!

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