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The fascinating history of optical illusions

A closer look at the private life of notorious drug kingpin, Pablo Escobar

Coco Chanel grew up in severe poverty, and it turned her into a millionaire

Think the Kardashians are bad? Get a load of ‘poor little rich girl’ Barbara Hutton

The craziest thing that ever happened at Studio 54

October 22, 1906: Henry Ford rises to president of the Ford Motor Company

September 21, 1950: George Marshall becomes the secretary of defense

September 18, 1851: The New York Times is born

September 17, 1630: Boston, Massachusetts is finally founded

Pirates wore eye-patches like their lives depended on it — but not for the reason you think

August 27th, 1955: Weirdos, rejoice! The Guinness Book of World Records is first published

One is not the loneliest number: The fascinating history of the dollar bill

Did Stanley Kubrick ruin ‘A Clockwork Orange’?

Famous last words of influential people

15 lies your history teacher told you (and the truth behind them)

US 05.18.19

Successes and failures of the Vietnam War

Meet Jeanne Calment, the woman who lived to be 122 years old

The brutal execution of the Romanov family

One Ethiopian emperor sparked the Rastafarian movement

Explaining northern Italy’s conscription age

Today in history 05.17.19

May 17, 1954: Brown vs. Board Of Education reaches verdict

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon may not have been so Babylonian after all

US 05.16.19

The 10 richest presidents in U.S. history

General 05.15.19

Andrew Lloyd Webber is richest musician in the world

General 05.14.19

Annulled, beheaded, survived: Get to know the wives of King Henry VIII

General 05.13.19

The fascinating history of optical illusions

Powerful historical photos that will absolutely take your breath away

The story of migration at Ellis Island

US 05.10.19

The crazy childless woman who created Mother’s Day

30 famous mugshots you’ve never seen before

Historical figures who had bizarre animals as pets

The tragedies that forged the 27 Club

Technology, US, World 05.06.19

Nike: a brief history of the Swoosh

World 05.03.19

Heartwarming war photos guaranteed to make you smile

16 forbidden historical places around the world

General 05.01.19

Heroic war stories that earned these unknown veterans the Medal of Honor

Ancient, World 04.30.19

Who’s your daddy? The genetic expansion of Charlemagne and Genghis Khan

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