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How the Battle of Waterloo ruined the reputation of Napoleon Bonaparte

How tall was Napoleon Bonaparte compared to average height?

April 4, 1949: North Atlantic Treaty signed in Washington D.C.

March 24, 1603: James VI of Scotland rules England and Ireland as James I

Winged Polish cavalrymen were a force to be reckoned with

February 17, 2008: Kosovo declares independence from Serbia

February 15, 1910: Irena Sendler is born

January 12, 1998: Nineteen European countries jointly ban human cloning

December 25, 800 CE: Charlemagne crowned Holy Roman Emperor

Marie Antoinette probably didn’t say “let them eat cake”

Did the Dutch really forget they were at war with Scilly for 335 years?

One surprising effect of the black plague? A longer life span

Life on sugar plantations in the 1600s more bitter than sweet

The colorful life of the The Queen Mother, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, is an adventure in royal screw-ups

In 1939, England wiped out nearly 500,000 pets — and yeah, it’s as screwed up as it sounds

What was game night like during medieval times?

How chickens lost a battle for Ancient Rome

Italus: Europe’s oldest tree

Discover the ancient city of Tenochtitlán

How the Battle of Waterloo ruined the reputation of Napoleon Bonaparte

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‘Little House on the Prairie’ behind-the-scenes facts that’ll change how you see the show

Robert Wadlow: the tallest man in history

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Robert the Doll’s haunting tale makes Chucky seem like an actual toy

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The two Battles of Saratoga were the stunning turning points of the Revolutionary War

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Everything you need to know about First Lady Abigail Adams

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The fascinating development of the famous Rorschach inkblot test

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The incredible true story behind ‘The Great Escape’ is far more epic than the film

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You won’t believe these 29 celebrities served in the military

Did you know that monks are responsible for creating pretzels?

People have been getting stoned for 2,500 years, according to new discovery

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July 11, 1804: Alexander Hamilton lost his life in a duel against life-long rival, Aaron Burr

Lewis Carroll’s exposure to Victorian asylums inspired the beloved Mad Hatter

The sizzling story of the Rat Pack, Marilyn Monroe, and the president of the United States

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30 powerful photos from the Vietnam War era

How ‘Roots’ became an iconic drama miniseries

Here’s why the existence of early humans in Malta was covered up

Lawyers, guns, and money: The CIA’s complicated history in Latin America

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July 8, 1951: Paris celebrates its 2,000th birthday

Ancient Babylonian dialect makes a major comeback in a movie

An ancient Israeli ring may have been worn by the official who executed Jesus

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This incredible Japanese politician rescued thousands of Jews from Nazi-occupied Europe

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Yamato was the most stunning battleship ever built and it met a humiliating fate

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How the pinball machine became a worldwide sensation

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