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Here’s what happened to Robert E. Lee after the Civil War

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Viking raids and marine exploration were all made possible because of tar

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Beer is older than we thought


The notorious Benedict Arnold became a U.S. traitor for a pretty selfish reason


For a short period of time in the 1700s, New Jersey women had the right to vote

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You’ve never seen “Little House on the Prairie” like this

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The most killer quotes from history’s first empowered first lady, Eleanor Roosevelt

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The history of the Amish and why they still rock horse and buggies

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Photos found 30 years later! The doomed hot-air balloon North Pole expedition

15 lost treasures around the world

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A closer look at the private life of notorious drug kingpin, Pablo Escobar

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Bodacious! 25 of the best ’80s TV shows

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They investigated who?! 15 influential people you didn’t know have an FBI file

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Keep out! 30 places your grandparents visited that you no longer can

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