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Hidden prehistoric city uncovered beneath Lake Titicaca

These boots were made for walking: Medieval skeleton found with footwear unscathed

Beer is older than we thought

February 16, 1923: Howard Carter opens King Tut’s tomb

Unfortunate ‘booted man’ discovered encased in mud in London

The greatest find of the 21st century solves 3,000-year-old mystery of the Trojan War

The Tomb of Kaires, the ‘Keeper of the Secret’ and the Pharoah’s ‘Sole Friend’, found in Egypt

New major discovery as georadar locates buried Viking ship

Archaeologists discover foundations of Wolf Hall, where Henry VIII fell for Jane Seymour

Man discovers invaluable hidden treasure while fixing his toilet

November 4, 1922: Howard Carter discovers King Tut’s tomb

1,700-year-old sock sheds light on walking like an ancient Egyptian

Our oldest animal ancestor looks like a pancake, and it’s 558 million years old

Captain Cook’s HMS Endeavour possibly wrecked off America’s coast

Archaeologist and robot buddies make major discovery at Chavin de Huantar

What was game night like during medieval times?

Ancient Egyptian sphinx has been discovered in the Valley of the Rams

New evidence shows the Tower of Babel was not a myth after all

Thousand-year-old handprint shines light on Scotland’s “lost people”

Long-lost sealed sarcophagus recovered in Egypt

Archaeologists discover earliest-known record of Homer’s Odyssey after 3,000 years

Modern tech helps reveal new information about ancient literary scrolls

The real purpose behind a 2,000-year-old battery

Antikythera mechanism is a 1,000-year-old celestial computer

30 of the world’s oldest living celebrities are stepping back into the spotlight

CGI shows what rock stars would look like if they were alive today

Underwater espionage: The surprising history of marine mammals and military service

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Young Joseph Stalin before he was a crazy dictator


Alabama aims to challenge historical Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision

Rhinestones, sunglasses, and rock ‘n’ roll: Elton John, the musical genius

World 06.10.19

How did the Mexican revolution begin?

Ancient 06.09.19

Hidden prehistoric city uncovered beneath Lake Titicaca

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The legendary life of Civil Rights activist Ella Baker

An American tragedy: The Lindbergh baby kidnapping

New species of hominid found in Philippine cave

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Behind the scenes: Photos of the first moon landing on 50th anniversary

The legend of the Second Boer War

30 of the most expensive mistakes in history

What if D-Day failed? The speech Eisenhower never had to give

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Wild West history: Belle Starr and the James Gang


Vintage photos show what happened in Vegas didn’t always stay in Vegas

The story of Albert Fish: The first serial killer in America

How passengers lived their best life on the Titanic before it went under

Rock and roll’s most electric lead singers


What exactly does the Constitution give the executive branch the power to do?

The legend of the Mothman

Ancient 06.01.19

The real Ivar the Boneless was even scarier than his ‘Vikings’ character

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Fans are nodding their heads after seeing Netflix’s first ‘Dark Crystal: The Age of Resistance’ trailer

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15 Priceless historical monuments that were destroyed and rebuilt

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