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July 24, 1911: American archaeologist discovers Machu Picchu

Hidden prehistoric city uncovered beneath Lake Titicaca

These boots were made for walking: Medieval skeleton found with footwear unscathed

The greatest find of the 21st century solves 3,000-year-old mystery of the Trojan War

The Tomb of Kaires, the ‘Keeper of the Secret’ and the Pharoah’s ‘Sole Friend’, found in Egypt

Man discovers invaluable hidden treasure while fixing his toilet

November 4, 1922: Howard Carter discovers King Tut’s tomb

What was game night like during medieval times?

New evidence shows the Tower of Babel was not a myth after all

Is the Loch Ness Monster mystery solved?

The true history of slavery in America

Bruce Lee was a suspect in Sharon Tate’s murder all thanks to a missing pair of glasses

27 of the most inaccurate war movies of all time

US 09.18.19

The sad and sudden death of America’s first president, George Washington

General 09.17.19

Hong Kong and China’s history of political tension

Indigenous women publish ancient Mayan writing

World 09.16.19

30 behind-the-scenes facts about ‘I Dream of Jeannie’


How the U.S. Army ended up with a huge collection of dinosaur bones

Skol! 1,100-year-old Viking beer hall unearthed in Scotland

US 09.14.19

September 14, 1814: “Star-Spangled Banner” penned

Archaeologists find mystical jewelry from Pompeii

General 09.13.19

Sharon Tate’s best films to watch before ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’

The Moai statues of Easter Island: Mystery solved?

The treasure and curse of the Oak Island mystery

General 09.11.19

The most boneheaded assassination attempts in recent history

Ada Lovelace: The first computer programmer

General 09.10.19

You won’t believe what these historical figures sounded like

The wild history of the Jersey Devil

General 09.09.19

Operation Paperclip and the rocket race

The epic tale of outlaw Johnny Ringo

General 09.08.19

Did the US stay in Vietnam unnecessarily long?

Technology 09.07.19

NASA to give away Apollo-era rocket to whoever can move it

US 09.06.19

Library of Congress to transcribe rare suffragist letters

General 09.05.19

An answer to the age-old question: “Boxers or briefs?”

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