Solar eclipse is a rare occurrence, which is why people all over the world make a big event out of it when it happens. But while today people marvel at this phenomenon, ancient people cowered in fear as the sun disappeared. Throughout history, various cultures have come up with interesting superstitions or folklore about eclipses. Here are some of them:

Furious gods

Solar Eclipse

The ancient Greeks believed that solar eclipses happened because the gods were angry and that it was a sign of impending disaster and destruction.

Fighting sun and moon

Solar Eclipse
The Times of Israel

The Batammaliba people of Togo and Benin believed that eclipses occurred because the Sun and Moon were fighting. To bring things back in order, people on Earth needed to find a way to settle their differences and make peace with each other.

Animals consuming the sun

Solar Eclipse

Many cultures believed that solar eclipses happen because mythical animals ate the sun. The Vikings believed that wolves ate the sun during solar eclipse. The Vietnamese believed it was a frog or toad that ate the sun. In Chinese culture,it was a dragon that consumed the sun.

Fire dogs stealing the sun

Solar Eclipse
Pearl River Mart

Ancient Koreans believed that a pack of fire dogs were commanded by a king to steal the sun and the moon, and that eclipses occurred when the dogs were biting both the sun and moon.

Effect on food

Solar Eclipse

Several municipalities in India would fast during an eclipse because they believed that any food cooked during an eclipse would be impure or even poisonous.

Gardener’s assistance

Solar Eclipse
The Boston Globe

While most cultures associate eclipses with unfortunate happenings, Italians have long believed that flowers planted during an eclipse would be much more colorful when they bloomed.