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Think the “coincidences” between Lincoln and Kennedy are absolutely mind-blowing? False. We’re here to debunk all the theories that their lives and deaths were even remotely connected.

Yeah, this list is bull

Have you ever read that terribly organized list of “coincidences” between the presidencies of Lincoln and Kennedy? God knows when it first hit the internet, but when it did, plenty of conspiracy theorists came out to play. I mean, how likely is it that two presidents of the United States could share any similarities whatsoever?

Okay, so, at first glance, some of their alike historical experiences are a little bit spooky. But if you read the list more than once (and I’m really talking twice), things start to seem a little less amazing. Want to know why the magic wears off? Because more than most of these aren’t that epic at all.

None of these similarities are that surprising

First of all, plenty of these is either false or extremely ambiguous. Just because we’re all entertained by pretty, rounded-out numbers doesn’t make their similar election years all that strange. Also…isn’t every presidential debate famous? Plus, them caring about civil rights is sort of their job. So, not much substance to their the “similarities” in their careers.

In addition, them losing children was more indicative of their lifestyles than anything else. Lincoln’s son died of typhoid fever because healthcare in the 19th century wasn’t exactly glowing. And Kennedy’s kid, a pilot, passed away in an airplane accident. No parallels there, right? Now, the big focus is on the similarities drawn between their murders. But, I’m sorry to say that those are pretty easily debunkable, too.

No, their assassinations don’t line up, either

So, they both died on a Friday. Big whoop. It was a one-in-seven chance they would, so it’s not so spectacular. Also, it’s kinda the job of secretaries to be on high-alert any time the president leaves the White House. In addition, Lincoln didn’t have a secretary named Kennedy at all. But what about the killings? Nope. Not phenomenal either.

Considering that President Lincoln and President Kennedy were both democratic presidents, so it’s not a huge shock that they were assassinated by Southerners. Also, of course, they have “three names” in the news. You’re probably going to use full names when talking about people who shot the dang president, right? Also, Oswald shot Kennedy in his car from a warehouse and was found in a movie theater, not one for stage shows. Sorry to burst your bubbles, guys, but these “coincidences” are nothing to write home about.