The history of man is kind of hazy at best. We know we hunted, gathered, made our own tools, and even created some amazing architecture — but it has been literally impossible to really put a face to our primitive selves.

That was until 1991 when a literal blast from the past was discovered.

A discovery straight out of a sci-fi movie

On September 19, 1991, a group of hikers was making their way through the Ötztal Alps—located at the border of Italy and Austria. Probably freezing and close to delirious, these people most likely didn’t believe their eyes when they stumbled upon a dead body on their trail.

Nothing like finding a preserved dead body on an afternoon stroll. Anyways, the hikers found the remains of a human at 10,530 feet — which would explain why it has weathered the elements so well. This guy was literally frozen in time, and how long he was lying there was even more ridiculous.

This guy is literally ancient

There was a ton of speculation about how old this corpse — named Otzi due to being found on that specific mountain range — really was. The hikers thought he was just some unlikely sap who took a hike and never lived to make it home. Police and investigators suspected he could be a casualty of one of the World Wars.

No one was ready for the insane verdict on Otzi.

The further investigation done by archaeologists revealed that Otzi was older than anyone could have ever imagined. Thanks to the use of radiocarbon dating, scientists were able to determine that Otzi met his fate an astonishing 5,300 years ago.

Otzi is a pretty epic guy

Scientists have narrowed down his year of death as between the years 3239 and 3107 BC. That’s right. BC.

Otzi was estimated to be around 45-years-old when he died, and he lived during the Late Neolithic era. Major milestones? The invention of the wheel, astronomy, and even math. Yes, this man saw the beginnings of everyone’s worst nightmare: math.

How was Otzi’s body found so perfectly preserved? The ice pocket he apparently fell into has a ton to do with it. His brain, eyeballs, and even his private parts were still intact. Amazing? The scientific world definitely thinks so. Otzi is definitely the man to meet.