Side Characters Who Were The Coolest Parts of Our Favorite Shows

Being a lead actor in a TV show or film is difficult; you must engage the audience and carry the entire show or film compellingly. There’s no denying that it takes a lot of acting talent and charisma to pull it off. However, some argue that accepting a little position and making it your own requires much more expertise. These actors made the most of their supporting roles, and they quickly became fan favorites on the shows and movies in which they appeared.

Real-life photos of Russia

It’s known as the motherland — a mysterious yet wonderful snowy mecca of splendor. We go through all of the Russian stereotypes, from “In Soviet Russia” jokes to their strong people, culture, and history. And if you’re ever in the area, this list can help you decide what you would like to do there on your next adventure. Whether you want to go sightseeing or enjoy the many activities, you’ll be amazed at what this place has to offer.

CGI shows what rock stars would look like if they were alive today

There’s something about music that combines hard living with musical inspiration, and because of that we’ve lost so many rock stars way before their time. But what if Jim Morrison, Bob Marley, or John Lennon didn’t pass away so early, and were still creating musical notes and singing their classic songs to this day? What would they look like?! Thanks to Sachs Media efforts with their CGI tools, we no longer have to ask, and get to see for ourselves.

May 4, 1956: Gene Vincent and his Blue Caps record “Be-Bop-A-Lula”

When you think of Rock ‘n Roll artists in the 1950s, you usually think of Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley, Jerry…

You Won’t Believe What These Historical Figures Actually Looked Like

We collected the most famous paintings, sculptures, busts, and statues of historical figures, and now we’re bringing those faces to life. Thanks to forensic anthropologists and facial reconstruction, we now know what it would’ve been like to look at Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, Queen Elizabeth I, and so many more. Because of CGI, CT scans, and 3-D printing, you can now look your favorite historical figure in the eyes, and they’ll look back.

Interesting insights on the Amish

Many of us could point out an Amish person thanks to their iconic “farm style” fashion, or their ride of choice, the horse and buggy. But what else do we know about the Amish? Their secluded lifestyle has made their religion and culture somewhat of a mystery to most people, so let’s clear the air and dive into the fascinating details of these unique communities that have spread throughout America.

The world’s first submarine was a total garbage fire of a creation, and yes, of course they still used it

Let’s face it: Some inventions in history were set up for failure from the moment they were crafted. However, we’d…

The story of America in 15 cocktails

People drinking alcohol blew up in a time when they didn’t trust water; just ask Ben Franklin which he preferred. Since colonies started forming in North America the cocktails people chose to drink have been defining the history of the continent. Captain Morgan kept his men drunk with grog to both motivate and control them, while President Washington led troops to squash the Whiskey Rebellion, and on to Prohibition when the cocktail really came of age. From early settlers’ rum to Ernest Hemingway’s daiquiris the origins of cocktails all tell a story that is ingrained in history. We’ll even include their recipes.

Baywatch Lifeguards Nowadays

We all remember turning in every week to see the action and drama unfold on the iconic ’90s sitcom Baywatch. While the plots pulled us in, it was the big-name stars and actresses like David Hasselhoff, Carmen Electra, and Pamela Anderson that kept us watching. Several of our favorite former Baywatch lifeguards’ personal troubles and sobriety battles were made public on daytime talk programs and reality television series such as Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew and Confessions of a Teen Idol. You won’t want to miss out on finding out what the 20 best Baywatch lifeguards are doing now!