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Grigory Efinovich Rasputin is forever known as Russia’s greatest nightmare. The self-proclaimed mystic and “Christ in miniature” led to the demise of the Russian empire and the assassination of the Czar’s royal family.

Tsarina Alexandra and Tsar Nicholas II reveled in the mysticism Rasputin possessed as he was able to heal the only heir to the throne Tsarevich Alexie of his hemophilia. Rasputin though was widely known in the Russian court as the seducer of countless noble women with a throng of female followers.

Rasputin’s power came (in part) from his unkempt appearance

The self-proclaimed mystic was famously held at court because of his excessive sexual charisma. Many women, including the Tsarina herself, doted on Rasputin was in court. Several accounts of his sexual enchantment of the women at court including many of his followers were recorded.

He always appeared to be shaggy and he constantly attributed his poor hygiene to be instrumental to his “Holiness”. A man he encountered at court also described him to smell like a goat and his breathe smelled so foul. A lot of people were also appalled by his unhygienic appearance and many described him to have “teeth like blackened stumps.”

The old mystic had strange powers to captivate every woman at court. He also had loyal followers who provided him with sexual favors in exchange for his holy assistance. It is said that he possessed such charming influence over people of power because of his enormous endowment.

The fall of the Russian Empire and Rasputin’s death

The Russian Empire ended with the assassination of Tsar Nicholas II and his family. Rasputin was largely blamed for the Russian revolution and was himself murdered by noblemen from the Russian Court led by Prince Felix Yusupov and the Grand Duke Dmitri Pavlovich.

Rasputin died of three gunshot wounds including a close-range forehead shot. He died in the early mornings of December 30, 1916, when he was lured to Prince Felix Yusupov’s Moika Palace.