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Grover Cleveland was the only American president who served two non-consecutive terms in office. He was elected as the 22nd and 24th President of the United States. This is not the only interesting fact about the former president who was fondly called “Uncle Jumbo” and “Big Steve” because of his size. If you want to know more, read on:

He officially served as an executioner

Cleveland was the only American president who officially served as a hangman or executioner when he was the sheriff of Erie County in New York. He participated in many executions that he later earned the nickname “Buffalo Hangman”.

His honesty saved him

When Cleveland ran for the presidency in 1884, one Maria Crofts Halpin accused him of fathering her child. Cleveland’s opponents capitalized on this huge scandal. Cleveland would have lost the election, but he did what other politicians would not: He told the truth. He admitted that it was possible he had a child with her since they had an affair and that he was paying her child support since 1874. (And he’s not the first president who may have had secret children out of wedlock).

He avoided military conscription

Cleveland was known for his patriotism, but when he was drafted during the Civil War he paid a Polish immigrant named George Beninsky to serve in his place. While this was an acceptable practice during that time, this incident was used to by his political rivals to question his dedication to the country.

He was the only president whose wedding was held in the White House

Cleveland was the second president who took office while still unmarried, but he was the first president who got married at the Blue Room in the White House in 1886. He married Frances Folsom, one of the first women who ever studied in College as higher education was not open to women during that time.