It only makes sense that the aforementioned someone would be the head honcho himself.

Over the years, legends of super secret Presidential knowledge been spun into a variety of different tales, the most fun of which is probably the legend of The Book of Secrets. As you may have guessed from the telltale name, The Book of Secrets is just that; a book where every President in history jots down the most mindblowing secrets that come his way while in office. The idea is that after his term is up, he can pass them down to the next guy, who will then proceed to take his turn both adding new secrets and guarding the old ones against the eyes of mere mortals. As cool a story as it is, however, does the President’s Book of Secrets actually exist? Maybe. Maybe not.

Super stealthy founders

Some conspiracy theorists believe that there would have been no one better to kick off the secret keeping than George Washington himself. After all, Washington wasn’t just elected President because he looked really great behind a podium during CNN briefings. The guy was pretty much the original patriot and had to resort to some pretty sneaky tactics to help turn the U.S. into its own country. During the Revolutionary War, Washington was not only a celebrated war general but also helped orchestrate the founding of the Culper Spy Ring. This ring of colonial 007s operated for five years in New York without ever having a single member unmasked. Even though Washington himself didn’t even know all of their identities, they did help him out by giving him the inside scoop on the movement of British troops during the war. If Washington was able to pull off such a feat, it’s no stretch that he may indeed have begun a long tradition of passing down secrets to his successors.

Where to hide a super secret book

Okay, so every government branch totally denies the existence of the Book of Secrets. On the other hand, no kidding. It wouldn’t be much of a secret if they didn’t, right? So if there theoretically was such a book, where would it hide? Well, there are as many theories about where it’s located as there are about what it contains. Some theorists think it’s tucked deep into a non-assuming place in the Library of Congress. If so, then its undoubtedly surrounded by the most boring books in history so that no one will accidentally pull it off the shelf while looking for a copy of To Kill A Mockingbird. Some even claim that the head librarian probably knows where it is so that just in case the President is assassinated, his predecessor will be able to find it. Others claim that it even moves around each time a new president is elected just in case the former POTUS gets tempted to take it out for a joyride. Other theories still place it inside a false statue or another piece of decor, but the truth is that no one really knows for sure. After all, its holy grail-like ability to hide is kind of part of the allure.

Obama kind of hinted at its existence

During President Obama’s term in office, he went on a talk show with a host named Michael Smerconish who had just seen one of the National Treasure movies. When Smerconish asked if Obama had seen the fabled book, Obama confirmed that he had but in a manner that could have been no more than complete sarcasm. Whether Obama was joking or not, the world may never know because he refused to give any additional hints about what the book contained. One thing is for sure, however. Whether its actually in the form of a book or not, presidents definitely know things the rest of us do not. Obama confirmed as much when he remarked that Trump was about to learn a series of “deep secrets” upon entering the White House.

What does it reveal?

While it may be somewhat romantic to imagine a dusty old leatherbound book that reveals the secrets of the universe, the truth may not be quite as much fun. Some people believe that the Book of Secrets is no book at all, but merely copies of the President’s daily intelligence briefings. It’s also a sure thing that the President is responsible for all the info needed to launch a nuclear weapon, should the unfortunate day ever arrive when the call would have to be made. Whether there is an old book of some sort that’s shrouded in mystery or simply a stack of mostly boring intelligence files, who knows? Perhaps the best way to console our curiosity is to keep in mind that no matter what secrets lurk inside the minds of presidents past, they may not all be that easy a load to carry around. While it might be cool know where we’re really at with the whole time travel thing, knowing every threat current threat to national security might also make it a little more difficult to enjoy a nice night at home with the fam.