Ever wonder where the US government keeps all of its richest, most unsettling secrets? Some believe it’s contained in a mysterious novel called, The Book of Secrets. But how much do we really know about this possibly imaginary book?

Plenty of secrets to go around

If being President of the United States isn’t difficult enough with all the things you do have to share with the public, keeping secrets must be one of the most painful parts of the job. What do you do with all the juicy, unknown secrets of the White House? Of the world? Of the universe? In theory, they don’t just drift around by word of mouth.

War on the Rocks

According to a number of theorists, a physical book exists containing the hidden gems of the White House: The Book of Secrets. Yes, it does sound like some silly artifact from a superhero movie. However, those who believe the conspiracy have spent years picking apart the roots of the potentially non-existent novel.

Everyone’s got their own theory

Firstly, it’s worth noting that pretty much every upper-government agency denies the existence of The Book of Secrets. Of course, with a name like that, they would be out of their right minds to reveal such a vast collection of hush-hush matters. Still, those who do believe in the book have various thoughts on how it was formed — and what disturbing secrets it might contain.

JFK Library

Rumored to have been created by George Washington, an avid spy, The Book of Secrets has earned itself many conflicting reputations throughout history. Some conspiracy theorist believes that the book contains the darkest, most unbelievable secrets of the universe. Want to know if extraterrestrials are real? What about time travel? For some, they believe it’s all there. However, there might be a more realistic explanation behind the famed novel.

It definitely doesn’t exist… or does it?

Besides wild information like the truth behind J.F.K.’s assassination and what’s hiding in Area 51, The Book of Secrets may not take on the form of a book at all. According to some, the proposed book is merely the President’s daily briefings, which are filled with plenty of info that will never reach the public’s ears. But for those who would feel let down if this were true, don’t fret… the existence of the novel may have already been confirmed.

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During an interview with Michael Smerconish, Obama seemingly admitted that The Book of Secrets was real and that he had seen it in the flesh. How much more do you need than a presidential confirmation? However, with no more than theories to entertain, our wandering minds are left to decide what terrible truths The Book of Secretsmight hold.

Watch Obama for yourself. Is he really joking?