Conspiracy theorists have always made a debacle about secret societies because they are known to have secretly controlled the world. Such is Bavaria’s Order of the Pug or the Mops-Orden. The fraternal organization was founded by a group of Catholic people to escape from In eminente apostolatus specula or the Papal Bull.

The Papal Bull was a direct covenant instilled by Pope Clement XII banning Roman Catholics from being involved with Freemason groups. The edict was to disallow any Catholic from participating or becoming a member of Masonic Lodges which opened them to other religious sects.

Bavaria circumvents the order by establishing the Mops-Orden

Freemasons first appeared in 17th century England opening membership for different people with different religious backgrounds. It was a secret society that Pope Clement XII felt threatened for the foundation of Catholicism. The punishment for Catholics who are found to be involved in Freemason groups was excommunication.

Clemens August of Bavaria came from an aristocratic family. He founded the Order of the Pug in 1740 to bypass the Papal Bull of Clement XII. He chose the pug as a symbol of steadiness, trust, and loyalty. What made this sect different from other Freemasons is that it allowed female Catholics to become members.

The comical initiation rights to become a member of the Order of the Pug

Becoming a newly ordained member of the religious sect meant that you had to go through a series of comical and hilarious rights. New members were ordered to wear a dog collar and they had to scratch the common door to be allowed in.

After entering the room, they were blindfolded and led to a common room decorated with the pug symbol. Leaders and senior members had to bark at them signaling the end of the initiation rites. The final stages of the ritual involved a porcelain pug that had to be kissed at its hind side. This reaffirmed their complete allegiance to the group.