When it comes to family, mother knows best. She’s always worried about you, and she’ll be the first to whip you up a meal. While some may have a strained relationship with mom, one individual took things to an extreme level.

Nero’s no zero

When it comes to bad-ass emperors, no one could top Nero. He left nothing but a path of blood and destruction during his reign. Behind so much anger, however, was a loving mother. Agrippina the Younger only wanted what’s best for her son. During the early part of his time as emperor, she controlled a good portion of the Roman Empire.

One day, Nero took complete control of his destiny and forced her out of their home. Enraged, he decided to put an end to the person that gave him life.

I’m on a boat

For you and me, even thinking about trying to kill our own mom is impossible. For Nero, it was like figuring out what sandals he was going to wear. After much thought, he decided how his mother should perish. Days after kicking his mom out, he gave her a present to say “I’m sorry for basically killing you soon.” It wasn’t a bouquet of roses, but we’re sure Agrippina would’ve wanted that instead in hindsight.

Nero gave her a party boat, but this wasn’t just any party boat. This one was destined to be crushed by a large weight.

If at first you don’t succeed

Agrippina decided to take this boat out for a spin on a crisp night. As it reached its doomed destination, the weight came down. Unfortunately, the boat didn’t sink due to its massive wings. Upon hearing the news, Nero was completely beside himself. When the boat safety reached land, everyone was joyous that Agrippina was still alive.

Nero did something he probably had in mind from the start: he sent assassins to kill her. With his mother finally slain, he decided to throw the blame on her bodyguard Agermus and had him killed. We’re pretty sure he managed to have the boat’s creator taken out, too.