Stealing someone’s article of clothing isn’t cool at all. Aside from someone missing their gear, there’s a great chance of it simply not fitting you. During a major war, two people decided to play hide and seek with each other’s possessions. You’d think they’d have had better things to do with their time…

A not so civil theft

The American Civil War pitted the entire country against itself in a four year battle. On the Confederate side, Robert E. Lee thought it would be a great idea enlisting his nephew Fitzhugh. Unfortunately, that was a huge mistake at first.

Fitzhugh accidentally showed up late to accompanying J.E.B. Stuart in his plan of attack. Because of one less person being around, Stuart’s headquarters was raided by the opposition. These people didn’t just go for any secret plans that Stuart might’ve had stashed somewhere. They took the things that would set him off the most: his hat and cape.

Crusader without a cape

This might’ve been a trivial theft for some, but Stuart was completely devastated. This was the equivalent of Batman or Spider-Man having their suits stolen from them. The hat and cape was delivered to general John Pope on the opposing side.

Fortunately, Fitzhugh had a plan. Along with a huge army, he broke into Catlett’s Station and went on a stealing spree. Among the things taken were prisoners, money, and horses. To make things a bit personal, Fitzhugh stole Pope’s hat, cloak, and one of his finest coats.

A proposed trade

Pope’s coat was delivered to Governor John Letcher, who decided to hang it up like a trophy. There’s a great chance the enemy did the same thing with Stuart’s hat and cape. After a while, Stuart decided to get rid of Pope’s coat, but not before contacting the original owner.

In a message sent to Pope, Stuart stated, “You have my hat and plume. I have your best coat. I have the honor to propose a cartel for the fair exchange of the prisoners.” We’re not sure what actually happened with the coat, but Pope probably kept his remaining ones locked up tight.