The civil rights movement was a pivotal time in American history. People dedicated their lives to fighting for equal rights for all, regardless of skin color. One man, in particular, was at the forefront — literally until the day he died.

This guy is the face of civil rights

No man was more serious about civil rights than Martin Luther King Jr. This time period lasted literally decades, and this Baptist minister didn’t show any signs of slowing down.

Although this civil rights activist was famous for his peaceful protests, things didn’t always go as planned. And he was even frowned upon in the name of the law.

Not every protest went as planned

Although Martin Luther King never resorted to violence, many didn’t find his protests amusing.

This activist was even taken away in handcuffs.

On October 19, 1960, Martin Luther King was arrested at a sit-in protest at Rich’s lunch counter in Atlanta, Georgia.

He may be the king, but he didn’t work alone.

MLK obviously had a following

This sit-in protest wasn’t small by any scale. Martin Luther King was joined by around 280 students from the area.

Martin Luther King Jr was sentenced to four months in prison, but he only ended up serving around eight days before he was released. And his efforts were not wasted.

People began to boycott the brand Rich’s, and the company began to fail in 1961. Another one bites the dust.

Martin Luther King Jr. wasn’t afraid of a little jail time. Especially when it came to standing up for what he believed in. Which is what he did until his death in 1968. He wasn’t named a King for nothing — he was all about making history. He didn’t fail in that department. Not even a little.