On this day in 1925, Margaret Hilda Roberts was born in Grantham, Lincolnshire, to her parents Alfred Roberts and Beatrice Ethel. Better known as Margaret Thatcher, or as the “Iron Lady,” this little girl would one day become Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Margaret’s early life

Her parents owned and operated a local grocery store (which they and Margaret also lived above) and were successful enough to see Margaret educated at the Grantham Girls’ High School.

Alfred was a member of the town’s council and introduced his daughter to his conservative politics from a young age. After graduating from the local school, Margaret was accepted into Oxford University where she studied and received in a degree in chemistry. While studying at Oxford, she served as president of the Conservative Association.

Early political forays

Margaret made her first bid for public office by running as the conservative candidate for Dartford in the 1950 general elections. She knew from the start that she was unlikely to win a parliamentary seat, but was undaunted. Defeated in the elections, Margaret nonetheless won the respect of many people in the conservative party.

Margaret would go on to study law for a year and have two children before resuming her political career. She would win a seat in the House of Commons in 1959.

The first female Prime Minister

While she held several different offices during her career. Margaret “Iron Lady” Thatcher is best known for being elected as the United Kingdom’s first female Prime Minister. She won the position while representing the conservative party in 1979.

While serving as Prime Minister, Margaret is known for her right-wing, pro-corporation policies. President Ronald Reagan was one of her biggest allies due to similar political views. Margaret remained Prime Minister until 1990. She lived until 2013 and left behind many legacies, including the Margaret Thatcher Foundation.