Mahatma Gandhi is one of the most famous figures of peace in all of history. He was a serene man who radiated a quiet strength and had seemingly unshakable inner strength. During his career as an outspoken advocate for civil rights and independence in India and across the globe, Gandhi was arrested multiple time for different things.

November 1913 arrests

On the 6th of November in 1913, Mahatma Gandhi was arrested for leading a march of more than 2,000 people in a peaceful protest against an unfair tax on Indian immigrants. In actuality, Gandhi was not arrested just once, but three times back to back for this incident.

He was first arrested on November 6th then released the next day on bail paid by┬áHermann Kallenbach, a Jewish South African architect and good friend of Gandhi’s. Gandhi was arrested again on the 8th and released the same day. Finally, he was arrested on the 9th and sentenced to first nine months of imprisonment, then 12. However, he was unexpectedly released on┬áthe 18th of December 1913.

Gandhi’s South African campaign

Gandhi lived and campaigned in South Africa from 1893 to 1914, leaving soon after his release from Volkhurst in December 1913. During his time in South Africa, he developed many of his views on politics and ethics.

In the 21 years Gandhi spent in South Africa, he was part of or responsible for several movements. He attempted to ban a bill preventing Indians from voting, helped found the Natal Indian Congress and much more.

The many arrests of Gandhi

The November 6th, 1913 arrest was neither Gandhi’s first arrest nor his last. The first time he was arrested was in 1908 at 39 years old for failing to register or to leave Transvaal and his last arrest was in 1942 when he was 73.

In total, Gandhi was arrested an astounding 13 times.