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When it comes to fast food, Americans are notorious for being huge eaters. When it comes to McDonald’s, billions of people around the globe are satisfied. The fast food company managed to go all out for one monumental event.

I’m lovin’ it

Being able to sell one million burgers is something that many restaurants want as an achievement. For McDonald’s, the company managed to sell billion of burgers in a 44-year span. The company discovered they were closing in on 50 billion burgers sold. After one billion sold, we’re not sure how they still managed to keep count.

After hearing this news, they needed to do something epic. There was only place they could hold a celebration: New York City.

Empire state of mind

Their location of choice was Grand Hyatt’s Empire State Ballroom. The building has seen many historic events such as John F. Kennedy‘s nomination speech and a Martin Luther King Jr. appearance. An event to celebrate burgers probably paled in comparison to major political gatherings.

Regardless, the event was plastered in every NYC magazine and news station. We’re pretty sure Burger King and Wendy’s had ads forced upon their establishments.

You deserve a break today

The 50 billionth burger had its own special moment on stage. Instead of being cooked inside the store, they did it in front of thousands of people. Dick McDonald, who founded the entire franchise, got the opportunity to eat this monumental burger. “If anybody had told me that, said, “Dick, in 1984, McDonald’s will have sold 50 billion hamburgers,” I would have said, “Man, you’ve been in the California sun too long. You better get under a tree somewhere, because you’re in bad shape,” he told The Washington Post.

While everyone celebrate, one thing that stuck to people involved the authenticity of it all. With thousands of McDonald’s open at once, this was technically not the 50 billionth burger created. There’s probably some sad sap in Amsterdam that actually made the milestone burger to a roar of one angry customer.