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When it came to the late 1800s, women’s rights were struggling in the United States. One major issue being fought for was the right to vote. One lady decided to take matters into her own hands.

Leader of the pack

The year was 1872, and women saw a monumental occasion when Victoria Woodhull became the first lady to gain a Presidential nomination. Unfortunately, due to her age, she was removed from the official ballot. This left the country with two candidates: Horace Greeley and some random person named Ulysses S. Grant.

One lady that had this election in her eyesight was Susan B. Anthony. The Rochester, New York native was one of the biggest leaders of the women’s suffrage movement. Over endless speeches and rallies, she had spread the word of injustice beyond the United States. Even though women couldn’t vote, Anthony rallied up a group of ladies to make their voices heard. On Election Day, she managed to get herself and 14 other ladies to cast their votes.

Approach the podium

This incident was one of the boldest things Anthony has done in her illustrious life. Unfortunately, the police weren’t exactly thrilled with this huge step for women’s rights. On November 18th, 1872, Anthony was arrested for illegally voting in the election. This news sent shock-waves throughout the country and made the world news in minutes.

On June 17, 1873, Anthony went on trial for her actions in Canandaigua, New York. On the final day of trial, Anthony defied the judge like a true badass. While the judge demanded that she stopped talking, Anthony continued going with her voice raised higher with each complaint. If that wasn’t enough, she grilled the courtroom for having an all-male jury. We’re sure that Judge Judy would’ve been extremely impressed.

Down but not out

On June 19, 1873, she was found guilty for illegally voting. Her punishment for the crime was a simple $100 fine. While it seems like an odd penalty, it doesn’t take away from the entire purpose of this incident.

Anthony never actually paid the fine. After basically telling them to shove it, she disappeared. This trial eventually led to the 19th Amendment in 1920. While Anthony passed away before this milestone, her presence is felt whenever an election goes down.