In the history of rock and roll, there has been a pretty lengthy list when it comes to iconic groups. Who could possibly forget the Beatles, Queen, or even Pink Floyd? They are the champions, my friend. But there is one other memorable band that has consistently topped the charts since the ’60’s.

Ever heard of The Doors?

No, this is not a reference to Home Depot. The Doors was a rock band that got together in the city of L.A. in the year 1965. Decades later the radio is still playing those seriously catchy tunes.

Although the entire group stunned the world with hits such as “Light My Fire” and “Riders On The Storm,” one member definitely stole the show.

Jim Morrison was THE man

The frontman of The Doors, Jim Morrison, is probably a name you’ve heard once or twice. He’s literally a rock and roll god, and he was as aesthetically pleasing as he was talented.

Although he had enough fame to sustain anyone’s happiness, he didn’t live a squeaky-clean lifestyle. Naturally, he fell into the “troubled rock star” category.

This star was fixed on the bottle

There is no denying that Morrison had an issue with alcohol. He was arrested numerous times for being drunk and out of control, but one time it actually occurred 30,000 feet in the air.

On November 11, 1969, Morrison and a friend were on a flight to Arizona to see The Rolling Stones play a gig. True to his rock star lifestyle, Morrison got incredibly drunk and caused a scene, which even involved heckling the flight attendants. Really, Jim?

This led to his arrest when the plane landed, by FBI agents none the less. He was charged with drunk and disorderly conduct as well as interfering with the operation of an aircraft. Come on baby, ruin my flight is more like it.