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In the early days of her childhood, Jeanne Antoinette Poisson was prophesied by a Parisian clairvoyant prophet to reign over the heart of a king. This would prove to be correct as she was in the later years to become the official chief mistress and later to be called Madame de Pompadour of the loving monarch Louis XV.

Born into a rich family on December 29, 1721, the young Jeanne Antoinette turned into an adorable little girl by 1730s. She was greatly admired during her childhood for her wit and charm, but poor health always got on her way.

It was during this time that her mother, Madeleine dela Motte, took her to a fortune teller by the name of Madame de Lebon. The fortune teller’s prediction came true in 1744 when Jeanne Antoinette first laid eyes on the king while he was leading a hunt near her estate. She draws his attention by driving a sports carriage directly into his path.

Jeanne Antoinette was later given a formal invitation to a masquerade in celebration of the Dauphin’s marriage to a Spanish princess. This is where the King disguised as a tree and Jeanne Antoinette as Diana the Huntress professed their affinity for each other. Their guise was an allusion to their previous encounter in the Senart Forest.

The young Jeanne Antoinette entered the court in 1745 and was given the estate of Pompadour where she became the Marquise.  As mistress of the king, Madame de Pompadour had a lot of influence in the court. She was also instilled as one of the Queen’s ladies-in-waiting, the highest role a woman can achieve in the royal court.

Throughout her lifetime, Madame de Pompadour was a patron of the arts and wielded great political influence in the French court. She was Louis XV’s most favorite mistress and he once even declared that she was the most delicious woman in France.