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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for 515 years, you know what the “Mona Lisa” is. You probably haven’t given the piece much thought, but have you ever considered that poor old Mona had a problem worse than a crummy smile?

Okay, so Mona Lisa is super depressing

Everyone knows Da Vinci’s famous, chronically upset “Mona Lisa.” The portrait is lesser known for its artistic achievements and more for one, determining feature: poor Mona looks super depressed. But have you ever noticed all the other things screwed up about the star of the portrait?

For one, her skin is a super unhealthy shade of yellow. She’s also got pretty gnarly hair, which seems to be majorly thinned out, including her non-existent eyebrows. A bump near the top of her nose is suggestive of crappy cholesterol levels, and the bulge of her neck also isn’t a great sign. But what did exactly did Mona likely suffer from?

Man, her life sucked big time

One medical director, Mandeep R. Mehra, believes that all of her slightly odd features may be attributes of hypothyroidism. He came to that conclusion after observing the work for an hour and noting the yellow skin, bumps and bulges, and terrible hair. He must be a pretty impressive doctor, huh? This also might explain her most notable trait.

Apparently, hypothyroidism makes it uber hard to crack a smile. It puffs up the skin around your cheeks, making it uncomfortable to express much beyond a tiny grin. Sucks, right? However, not everyone thinks Mona suffered from something terrible. Maybe she was just angry that she had to sit still so long for the bloody painting!

Yeah, this is a fair point

According to some, the inconsistencies of Mona’s image in the artwork may simply be reflective of the times in which the piece was painted. After all, plucking out eyebrows was the trendy beauty choice of the time! The sickly, dandelion color of her skin and eyes might also be attributed to the physical aging of the painting. Which makes sense, since the work, is, what… 515 years old?

However, medical professionals have continued to work hard to piece apart Mona’s potentially imaginary medical conditions. From high cholesterol to iodine deficiencies to being pregnant in the most terrible time to be pregnant, doctors and scientists have continued to rip apart Mona’s looks in every way. Great self-confidence boosters, guys!