Ever wondered what happened to the Founding Fathers? As the leaders of the Thirteen Colonies, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson played an integral role in America’s foundation. Without them, we wouldn’t have the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution. So, what happened on the day that the Founding Fathers died?

American heroes

Incredibly, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson both passed away on July 4, 1826. Ironically, this date marked the 50th anniversary of the creation of the Declaration of Independence. Not only that, but Adams and Jefferson actually collaborated on the Declaration. For instance, Jefferson literally wrote the document in the first place. And Adams, the so-called “colossus of the debate” helped to draft it. Following the events of July 4, 1776, Adams also served as a diplomat to France in order to gain French support for American liberation.

Patriot’s dream

When the British lost the Battle of Yorktown in 1781, Adams negotiated the end of the conflict at the Treaty of Paris. The loyal patriot even went back to Europe with Jefferson to discuss a treaty between the Americans and the Brits. Once the U.S. Constitution was enacted, Adams was selected as George Washington’s vice president. Amazingly, Jefferson was also elected as secretary of state. Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton often butted heads on concepts like states’ rights, with Adams crushing arguments between them.

The legacy continues

Surprisingly, Adams beat Jefferson in the presidential election of 1796. However, Jefferson was chosen to serve as vice president. Thanks to his diplomatic talents, Adams helped America to avoid war with France. When Jefferson was finally elected as president in 1800, Adams retired to his estate. On July 4, 1826, Jefferson and Adams died. Apparently, Adams’ final words were “Thomas Jefferson still survives,” even though Jefferson had passed away several hours earlier.