In the 1600s, people had to wait several months to get their mail. That pen pal you had could easily miss your message due to relocating to another country. Fortunately, the government got their act together and enforced a proper mailing service.

The prophet of tolerance

Benjamin Franklin did more than just fly kites in lightning storms. He was a damn good postmaster, too. From 1737 to 1753, he was the head postmaster in Philadelphia. Following his stint in Philadelphia, Franklin improved mail delivery in the country. On December 9, 1755, he unveiled the first post office to gain mail on a monthly basis. Franklin also cut down travel times between Philadelphia and New York through a nightly relay.

Exposing the true criminals

When the American Revolution rolled around in 1765, many in the country proudly displayed their patriotism. No one was more patriotic than Franklin, though. While he worked for the British as a postmaster, he wanted to shake things up. Like a true badass, he leaked several plans of crushing the rights of the American people. Unfortunately, Franklin couldn’t stay hidden for too long. In 1774, he admitted to leaking everything to combat the British. He was given the boot from his job with the British.

Leading the new postal service

With no job to their name, Franklin felt hopeless. Things, however, would change in an instant because of London’s postal service crashing in the country. The Second Continental Congress got together to put together a brand new way to transport mail. On July 26, 1775, they unveiled the United States Post Office to the public. Franklin took over as head postmaster shortly after it formed. With his expertise, the U.S. Post Office quickly became a reliable service. “The Postal Service is a national treasure that belongs to the people of this country, that should not be crippled or dismantled, and whose artificial financial crisis was caused by legislation advanced by business interests and prolonged by federal budget politics,” the National Association of Letter Carriers said in a statement. It’s safe to say this journey was more beneficial to this country than some kite experiment.