Have you ever been to Disneyland? With over 14 million guests flooding the theme park annually, chances are that you’ve definitely been at least once. Although it started out as a 106-acre orange grove, Disneyland now grosses $3 billion per year. Read on to learn what happened on the day that the magical world of Disneyland was created.

The story of Walt Disney

What’s the real story about Walt Disney? Raised in Chicago in 1901, Walt Disney first gained notoriety as a commercial publication artist. Eventually, he decided to relocate to work on cartoon animation at a studio in Los Angeles. By 1928, Walt released his first short film called Steamboat Willy. In a stroke of luck, the movie that introduced Mickey Mouse to the world became a massive hit. Astonishingly, Walt recorded the vocals for Mickey himself. Plus, it was the first cartoon of its time to utilize sound.

Magic Kingdom

At that point, everything that Disney touched was in high demand by the public. Amazingly, Walt produced his first full-length animated film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, in 1938. The film was critically acclaimed by audiences when it was released. Upon the success of Snow White, Disney created other classics like PinocchioDumbo, and Bambi. As if that wasn’t enough, 1940’s Fantasia made history for its marriage of classical music and artistic illustration.

The Happiest Place On Earth

In the 1950s, Walt Disney decided to build a giant amusement park in Los Angeles. After purchasing land in Anaheim, Disneyland construction started in 1954. On July 17, 1955, the world was invited to attend Disneyland for the first time. Of course, the theme park was completely overwhelmed by the number of people who showed up. Since then, Disney World, Disneyland Tokyo, EuroDisney, and Disneyland Hong Kong were created.