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Engineer Juan Baigorri Velar of Argentina was believed to have invented the effective rainmaking device in the 1930s. It was said that his rainmaking device helped Argentina’s remote and driest regions to experience rain, even ending the harshest and long-standing drought. Unfortunately, not much is known about Baigorri Velar and his incredible invention since nobody knew what happened to the device.

Accidental discovery

It was said that Baigorri Velar’s discovery of the incredible rainmaking machine was brought about by his training in Geophysics when he studied at the University of Milan in Italy. Apparently, Velar was initially trying to create a device that would measure potential electricity and electromagnetic conditions of the Earth. When he was working on this project from his attic in 1938, he discovered that the contraption was able to induce a little rain in the surrounding. This effect made Velar realized the incredible potential of his discovery.

Velar’s rainmaking device was reported to have been instrumental in ending the more than one-year drought in Santiago. In 1951, Velar’s invention also helped produced rain in a rural area of San Juan where rain had not fallen in eight years. It was said that Velar also made it rain enough to bring back an old lagoon in Carhue.

Not much was known about the internal workings of the rainmaking device as Valer kept the secret all to himself. When there were offers from other countries to buy his invention, Valer refused, insisting that he created the machine to benefit Argentina.

Apart from a few mentions in national and foreign interviews, Velar’s invention was practically unknown and even unrecognized in the scientific community. Some even doubted its existence. Velar died poor at the age of 81 in 1972 and sadly since nobody knew the whereabouts of his valuable discovery, no one would be able to prove or defend his incredible accomplishment.