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It doesn’t have to be a holiday in order to give a gift. You can give presents for all moments, including a new raise or finding that lost Cheeto under the couch. While animals can be presents, one animal in particular should stay far away from home.

See you later, alligator

Aside from being President, John Quincy Adams loved showing off his high I.Q. wherever he went. One person that was a huge fan of Adams was Marquis de Lafayette. When it came to being a hero, Lafayette was the biggest one at the time. Following his time in the American Revolutionary War, he became a major person in the French Revolution and July Revolution.

While visiting Adams, de Lafayette wanted to show his appreciation by delivering him a present. While Adams probably expected some wine, the war hero brought him something better: an alligator.

Trolling the visitors

Upon sight of the alligator, Adams was surprisingly pleased. There’s not many times that you can come face to face with one of those creatures. Since the White House didn’t have a pool to place the gator, they had to create a makeshift spot.

Adams decided to hold the gator in a White House bathtub in the East Room. With the gator in his possession, Adams decided to play pranks on his guests. He would often send them to that specific bathroom in the area. Hearing his guests scream in horror was a simple joy.

Part of the decor

Over time, the gator grew to a massive size. During Adams’ time in the White House, the animal slowly became friendly with the guests. There’s no telling what happened with the exotic pet following Adams’ presidency. Some stories have stated that Adams simply allowed it to go free in the wild.

Fortunately, this behavior didn’t go down in today’s world. We’re pretty sure Adams would’ve dealt with running from the Humane Society.