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Sukarno was Indonesia’s first president after the country gained national independence from the Dutch colonists. His presidency was an overwhelming result of the people rallying for him. Indonesia also regarded him as a national hero because his outward gestures proved to be for the love of his country.

Though Sukarno tried to run the government with all his efforts, his behavior quickly gained interest among intelligence commands around the world. And because Indonesia was a strategic country in South East Asia, it had been the focus of contention between the Soviet Union and the United States.

Sukarno’s tendency towards communism and its effects on the United States

Although Sukarno was not a communist, most of his allies were and he shared some of their ideologies. He failed miserably with the Indonesian economy and played around with the West, the Soviets, and the Chinese.

This is part of the reason why his Presidency was not widely and openly accepted in the Western world. And because Indonesia was not only a strategic country, it was the only communist party outside the Soviet Union with the biggest population. And Moscow and Washington were in contention for presence in the country.

Sukarno’s hunger for women and his sex tapes

The Soviets at one point also did their part in tarnishing Sukarno’s name. They blackmailed him by filming him having sex with undercover flight attendants during his visit to Moscow.  This was to discredit him in front of his people and ignite a revolution.

Seeing the effects of the Russian propaganda, the CIA also released a pornographic film with an impersonator acting as the President himself.  He was engaged in his favorite “past time” with a beautiful woman. The government agency was so persistent in destroying the President’s name that they spent millions of dollars on plots and even going far into creating a full-face mask resembling Sukarno.