Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse. (Photo by Wikimedia Commons).

Disney movies have always been an integral part of practically everyone’s childhood. You must have learned how to be a loyal friend and what it means to believe in your dreams by watching Toy Story, Cinderella, and other beloved animation pictures created by Walt Disney. But do you know that each Disney film had gone through various phases of editing and review by producers and filmmakers before its release? During this long process, many scenes were replaced and deleted and here are some iconic scenes that almost didn’t make it in the final cut:

Lady and the Tramp’s spaghetti scene

The popular spaghetti scene in the cartoon movie Lady and the Tramp, in which two dogs romantically shared a strand of spaghetti noodle until their lips meet, was initially cut from the movie’s storyboard by no other than Walt Disney himself. While Walt wanted the dogs to have human emotions, he felt that fine dining would be absurd considering how real dogs eat spaghetti. Fortunately, animator director Frank Thomas created a rough version of the scene and eventually convinced Walt.

The Little Mermaid’s “Part of Your World” song

Can you imagine watching The Little Mermaid without hearing “Part of Your World”? Unimaginable, isn’t it? Well, according to the directors of this beloved fairy tale movie, the song was almost cut from the movie because it did not resonate among kiddie audiences at early screenings and was even called “boring” by one Disney head. Luckily, the directors changed their minds after they tested the tune among adult audiences who applauded and cried after hearing it.

Toy Story

In the much-beloved film Toy Story, not only was Disney thinking of deleting scenes, many of the executives wanted to scrap the entire film because they believed that it was not a typical “Disney musical” wherein the characters break into songs. Fortunately, director Johan Lasseter and the producers repaired the film’s concept that finally got the thumbs up of the Disney execs.