If you took a glance at a pastoral grove of olive trees, you probably wouldn’t imagine they could be hiding an ancient secret. One Greecian farmer managed to stumble upon an unbelievable discovery after the earth gave way under his car.

A pothole worth checking out

When most people find there’s something wrong with their parking space, they don’t dig around to get answers. However, when one Crete farmer was having difficulty parking his vehicle under an olive tree, curiosity sparked him to conduct an investigation.

Taking a playbook straight out of Alice and Wonderland, this farmer had to take a look at the hole that gave way under his car. Not quite believing his eyes, the farmer quickly called for experts to investigate the hole. This hole didn’t seem like it was the result of pests trying to burrow into the grove. The farmer had a hunch he had unearthed something of incredible value.

Blame it on the plumbing

Despite the ancient world’s history of irrigation and indoor plumbing, modern-day infrastructure doesn’t always held to old standards for quality construction. Thanks to a broken irrigation pipe on the farmer’s property, the hole revealed itself because of softened soil.

After managing to lie hermetically sealed underground for 3,400 years, a burial chamber was hidden below the olive tree grove. Even more amazing than the discovery of ancient human remains, was the fact that the site was Minoan in origin.

Persons of interest

The history and origins of the Minoans have become blurred over the passage of time. The Minoans were believed to have succumbed to invading groups and natural disasters. The discovery of two affluent males interred in coffins, surrounding by high-quality pottery was a fantastic find for Greek culture and archaeologists.

Typically, Minoan burial sites were documented as beehive structures. The Minoan men found in the farmer’s hole avoided being buried in such a style. Thanks to old world money, these men managed to evade grave robbers and discovery by commoners for thousands of years.