A photo of Anne Boleyn. (Photo by Wikimedia Commons).

The life of Anne Boleyn, the queen of England in the 1530s, was colorful as it was tragic. King Henry VIII was so adamant to make her his queen that he split England away from the Roman Catholic Church, so he can divorce Catherine of Aragon and marry Anne. Here are other facts that will help you learn more about Anne Boleyn:

Boleyn was one of the most admired ladies of the court

Anne had many admirers and one of the most ardent was Henry Percy, the 6th Earl of Northumberland, who wanted to make her his queen. When King Henry VIII learned about this he ordered against it as he himself fell madly in love with Anne.

Anne Boleyn was a fashionista

While she was generally disliked as a queen because the public sympathized with the first wife of King Henry VIII, no one can deny her good fashion sense. Anne was known for her stylish wardrobe that followed French trends.

Boleyn was pregnant with Elizabeth I when she and King Henry VIII married in secret

Anne learned that she was with child in early 1533 so she and King Henry VIII got married in a secret ceremony without the blessing of the pope. She gave birth on September 7, 1533, to Elizabeth I, arguably the most significant queen in England’s history (no shade to Queen Elizabeth II or Queen Victoria).

Rumor had it that Anne’s mother had an affair with her husband

While it was public knowledge that Anne’s sister Mary was King’s mistress even before he and Anne laid eyes on each other, there were also rumors circulating that even Anne’s mother, Elizabeth Howard had slept with the king.

Boleyn love story with Henry VIII ended in tragedy

King Henry VIII abandoned his wife of 24 years, made enemies with the Church he loved as a child, and even patiently waited for seven years so he can marry Anne. It was baffling that after making all these sacrifices, his love for Anne would turn into hate strong enough that after merely three years of getting married, King Henry VIII himself ordered the beheading of Anne on false charges.