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Charles III of Spain married Polish princess Maria Amalia of Saxony on May 8, 1738.  King Charles III was so enamored with the Queen consort that he never remarried (even after her death) or had an affair. Together, they were able to rear 13 children, eight of whom survived adulthood (a decent ratio in those days).

Queen Maria Amalia was a cultured and educated princess of Polish-Austrian heritage. She was raised in the Court of Dresden and was taught French and music at a very young age. Charles III of Spain was groomed to become King from an early age.

Charles III’s letter to his parents detailing their first night of marriage

Descending from Spanish heritage, King Charles III’s devotion to his parents can be seen from a surviving letter which explicitly details his first night with his wife. He writes about their advice of not consummating the marriage eagerly while things were still novel and exciting, but to sparse it out over time (…is better to serve the ladies little and continuously than a lot once.)

From his letter, it seems the king’s parents also advised him that inexperienced girls can be shy about consummating the marriage, and he should do it with patience and restraint. It also gives us a clear view of just how he passionately he looked at the delicacy of his young wife.

A love affair that lasted until death

The letter was dated July of 1738, just a few months after their wedding. He lovingly wrote his parents to address their worries about his contentment and how he is finding his married life so far. He seems to be truly in love with his young wife (I am the happiest man in the world having this woman who will be my companion for the rest of my life.)

In as much as the letter tells about his explicit first night with his wife, it gives us a glimpse of his revved libido (I assure you that I could have done it many more times but I’m controlling myself as you advised) and how he managed to suppress his lust. His wife, Queen Maria Amalia died in 1760. The king would live another 28 years, never remarrying and remaining faithful to his one true love.