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Was Amelia Earhart’s plane found off the coast of Papua New Guinea?

The legend of the Wendigo

Who murdered Mrs. Stanford? Exploring the University founder’s infamous unsolved death

Titanic wreckage was actually discovered during secret Cold War Navy mission

Natalie Wood’s case was reopened 20 years after her death when a witness changed their story

Famous UK folk singer who had gone missing resurfaces 30 years later

World War II veteran returns to Germany to solve a mystery that’s been haunting him for 70 years

Unfortunate ‘booted man’ discovered encased in mud in London

The mysterious disappearance of Australian Prime Minister Harold Holt

Secret images and hidden meanings in history’s most famous paintings

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Ancient civilization leaves behind baffling rock art in India

Captain Cook’s HMS Endeavour possibly wrecked off America’s coast

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Historical finds we still don’t know the purpose of

The stories behind the 15 most haunted places in America

‘The UFO made me sick!’ claim Korean War soldiers

This historical figure’s legacy? When you gotta go, don’t hold it. Unless you want to die.

Edgar Allan Poe’s death is still a mystery

Columbus may have introduced Europe to syphilis as well as America

Russian family misses out on WWII while cut off from human contact for 40 years

The Sodder family: A mysterious fire, missing children, and a string of terrifying conspiracies

Mysterious battery dated from 1840 still continues to baffle

Kansas has been hiding a lost Native American city for 400 Years

Ronald Reagan’s failed ‘Star Wars’ program is even more disturbing than you could imagine

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Was Amelia Earhart’s plane found off the coast of Papua New Guinea?

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